Alumni Relations

  • Alumni registered with this website have unique benefits for connecting back to the place they called home. Once registered, you can connect with other fraternity brothers by pledge class and hometown. Also, association meeting minutes, alumni newsletters, and special message boards are available to those with a profile. We encourage you to take a minute, and sign up and reconnect with the brothers of the Alpha Chapter.


    Alumni Newsletters

    To help better suit every FarmHouse alumnus, we have made the newsletters available online. Below are the electronic versions of our newsletter, Brothers in Arms, for the past few semesters.  Enjoy.


    Brothers In Arms Fall 2006

    Brothers In Arms Spring 2006

    Brothers In Arms Spring 2007

    Brothers In Arms Spring 2008

    Brothers In Arms Fall 2010

    Brothers in Arms Spring 2012

    These newsletters are compatible with Adobe Reader.

    Association Meetings

    To make ourselves more visible and more open, we have attached the minutes of the Association Meetings. These meetings take place regularly, and often result in decisions that will affect the chapter for the future. They will be added below.


    Association Minutes February '11

    How to get registered
    Login to the Alumni registration link to sign up immediately. Fill out the information completely and then further develop your FarmHouse connection.