Famous FH Alumni

    D. Howard Doane (Missouri '05): Founder of Doane Agriculture Services, Founder of FarmHouse
    Joseph Ackerman (Illinois '26): Former Managing Director for the Farm Foundation
    Lawernce "Sonny" Beck (Purdue '59): Founder and President of Beck's Superior Hybrids
    Wayne A. Boutwell (Mississippi State '64): Pres. of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
    Richard Brock (Purdue '71): Founder and President of Brock Associates and "The Brock Report"
    E.S. Grandrud (Minnesota '33): Founder & President of Grady Ag Equipment Company
    C. Coleman Harris (Purdue '58): Executive Secretary, National FFA Organization
    Charles E. Kirk (Honorary Member '80): Former Livestock Superintendent, National Western
    Francis Peck (Honorary Member '58): Former Managing Director of the Farm Foundation
    Charles B. Shuman (Illinois '27): President Emeritus of the American Farm Bureau Federation
    Robert Walton (Michigan State '61): Founder and President of America Breeder Service
    Don Faurot (Missouri '21): Former MU football coach and athletic director
    Norman A. Brown (Michigan State '67): President, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
    David H. Henry (Honorary Member '74): President, Land-O-Lakes, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
    William S. May (Oklahoma State '38): President of Federal Lank Bank of Wichita
    John F. Stollsteimer (Michigan State '51): Ex. Vice President of Beatrice/Hunt Wesson, Inc.
    Steven Robinson (Auburn '72): Vice President of Marketing of Chick-Fil-A Corp.
    John R. Campbell (Missouri '71): Former President, Oklahoma State University
    M. Peter McPherson (Michigan State '60): President, Michigan State University
    Steven Beering (Purdue '94): Former President, Purdue University
    Hilton M. Briggs (Iowa State '33): President Emeritus, South Dakota State University
    William Giles (Honorary Member '66): Former President, Mississippi State University
    Max Lennon (Texas Tech '78): Former President, Clemson University
    C. Brice Ratchford (Honorary Member '66): Former President, University of Missouri-Columbia
    Sanford E. Younts (North Carolina State '54): Vice President of Services, University of Georgia
    Kenneth Tefertiller (Oklahoma State '54): Former Vice Pres. of Agriculture, University of Florida
    Neil E. Harl (Iowa State '64): Nationally recognized authority on agriculture law and economics
    Robert L. Crom (Iowa State '74): Director, National Association of State & Land Grant Universities
    Michael Martin Murphey (Honorary Member '90): Country Western Singer
    Leroy Van Dyke (Missouri '50): Performer, Leroy Van Dyke Show; Writer of "The Auctioneer"
    Pat Green (Texas Tech): Country Western Singer
    Kenny Hulshof (Missouri '77): Lawyer; United States Congressman (1996-present)
    Orville Bentley (Honorary Member '64): Assistant Secretary of Science & Education, U.S.D.A.
    Anson R. Bertand (Honorary Member '78): Director of Science & Education, U.S.D.A.
    James B. Boillot (Missouri '54): Former Assistant Secretary for Government & Public Affairs; Former Commissioner of Agriculture for the state of Missouri
    John Saunders (Missouri '61): Former Director of Department of Agriculture for the state of Missouri
    John Carlin (Kansas '59): National Archivist 1995, Former Governor of the State of Kansas
    Rick Berg (North Dakota '78): North Dakota State Legislature, Speaker of the House
    Edwin Long (Oklahoma State '53): Oklahoma State Senator
    Andrew Miller (Purdue '89): Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture for the state of Indiana
    Clifford R. Hope (Honorary Member '64): Lawyer and Statesman, U.S. Congressman 1926-1956
    Claude B. Hutchison (Missouri '05): Mayor of Berkley, California; Vice President of University of California; Founder of FarmHouse Fraternity.
    Alfred G. Schroeder (Kansas State '36): Chief Justice of the state of Kansas Supreme Court
    Clayton Yeutter (Nebraska '49): Presidential Advisor for Domestic Policy, Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Former Secretary of Agriculture
    Henry M. Beachell (Nebraska '26): Winner of 1987 "Biological Improvement" Japan Prize for creating high-yield, disease resistant rice strain
    George W. Beadle (Nebraska '26): Scientist and Geneticist, 1958 Novel Prize Medicine/Genetics
    Glen W. Burton (Honorary Member '84): Crop Scientist & Geneticist; 1983 Presidential Medal of Science; 1987 Agriculture Research Services Hall of Fame
    Alfred Karlson (Minnesota '31): Microbiologist credited for work on cure for Tuberculosis
    Orville Vogel (Nebraska '29): Scientist & Plant Breeder, developed Dwarf Wheat, 1976 Presidential Medal of Science; 1987 Agriculture Research Services Hall of Fame