FarmHouse FAQ

  • Frequently Asked Questions by Rushees

    Do I have to major in Agriculture in order to be in FarmHouse?

    No! Although rooted in agricultural heritage and smalltown values, FarmHouse is open to all majors at Mizzou. In fact, men that live in house major in different areas like Business, Pre-Law, Engineering, Pre-Medicine, and various Agricultural degrees. We're continually looking for a diversity of majors as a way to broaden each member's horizons.
    How do I join a Fraternity?

    FarmHouse Fraternity allows all of its members to take a part in selecting the incoming men. Students interested in joining normally attend a recruitment function in order to tour the house, ask questions and meet as many members as possible. A bid, or invitation to join FarmHouse, can only be issued after a vote at a chapter meeting. An invitation to join or desire for the potential member to meet more of the chapter will be expressed at the end of each recruitment function.

    After receiving a bid, we encourage students to take time to discuss the decision with their parents and think about the obligations as a member before committing to join FarmHouse. If you receive a bid, the chapter considers you a well-rounded individual who can contribute to our brotherhood. We prefer active and pledging members live in the house in order to become involved in our activities and to get the most from your experience as a FarmHouse man.

    Can I get involved while in FarmHouse?

    Many FarmHouse men have taken active roles in the campus over the years. Just recently, these are the opportunities members have capitalized on in the past year:

        * Mizzou InterFraternity Council

        * Homecoming Steering Committee members

        * Greek Week Steering Committee members

        * Rockin' Against Multiple Sclerosis (RAMS) Steering Committee members

        * Dance Marathon Steering Committee members

        * House that Greeks Built Steering Committee members

        * Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board members

        * New Greek Education Facilitators

        * Formal Recruitment Guides

        * Respective College Student Councils (Arts and Sciences, CAFNR, etc.)

        * Local campus ministries (Campus Crusade for Christ, Newman Center, VERITAS, etc.)

    Along with being involved with the campus activities, our chapter has tons of opportunity to be involved even as a freshman.

        * Executive office

        * Minor offices

        * Big Event Liaison (Homecoming, Greek Week, RAMS, etc.)

        * Sorority Philanthropy King Candidate (House Liaison to Sorority)

        * Active Committee members

    Does FarmHouse have scholarships available for new members?

    Yes!! We offer two $500 scholarships for incoming freshmen to help the financial burden of the transition into college. Please see the Scholarships for New Members page for more details on the other scholarships available to new members.

    Do I have to worry about Hazing when joining FarmHouse?

    Absolutely not. FarmHouse Fraternity does not tolerate hazing whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Hazing is defined as: any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule.

    Further, our new member education program is a non-hazing, intricate process that teaches new members the ongoings of Fraternity life and builds strong habits for success now and in the future. We believe that our motto "Builder of Men" holds true with every ritual present in the Fraternity.

    How big is the Fraternity?

    FarmHouse is one of 35 fraternities at Mizzou and about 37 FarmHouse chapters in the United States and Canada. There are currently 92 undergraduate active members of FarmHouse at Mizzou.

    Interested in joining FarmHouse Fraternity? Fill out our Recruitment Form or contact Tanner Shively or Tristan Johnson, whose numbers are on the home page. See what opportunities lie before you in your college career.