Missouri FarmHouse Foundation

  • Missouri FarmHouse Foundation

    FarmHouse is a men's international general college fraternity endeavoring to build men intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially and morally on 30 campuses throughout North America. The Missouri FarmHouse Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Alpha chapter. Incorporated July 1958, the purpose of the Foundation is to receive and maintain funds educational, charitable, literary, religious or scientific purposes. The Foundation provides assets for educational purposes (including computers, etc.), student loans, student scholarships, etc. The Foundation administers the Barbee Trust.

    Membership after graduation is achieved by the contribution of a $100 Life Membership. Students may become members by contributing $50 before graduation.

    The affairs of the Foundation are administered by a ten (10) member Board of Directors elected from the membership for a four-year term. The Board usually meets twice per year; once in conjunction with Founders Day and once during the fall of the year.