• "Builders of Men"


    At FarmHouse we pride ourselves in building the best men on Mizzou's campus. Truly we are the gentlemen of Mizzou. There are four ASPECTS that FarmHouse men have portrayed in everyday life since the beginning of the Fraternity on April 15, 1905 in Columbia, MO. For more information, join our Facebook Group.


    Socially & Morally


    Every semester FarmHouse holds various social functions that involve the entire active chapter. Every winter we have our winter Formal in Memphis, Tennessee, and in the spring, we have our annual Seven Saints Spring Party. There are also various themed parties throughout the school year with other fraternities and sororities at Mizzou like marriage/separation parties, welcoming parties, and holiday parties. Along with our social functions, our house mother hosts various etiquette courses where she teaches the chapter members how to dine efficiently & politely. She also reminds us to respect others including women.




    Men of FarmHouse know that academic excellence is the key to success after college and strive for it in their daily studies. Many tools are available to FarmHouse men.

    •   We have test files that are from the past five years of classes previously taken by active members to aid us in our coursework.
    •  The most recent test files have been stored electronically and can be accessed from any computer at the house
    •  Our house has wired Internet in each of the 29 rooms, and on each of the two computers in the conference room. We also have wireless internet available throughout the entire house.
    •  There are many upperclassmen with various majors including Business, Agricultural Economics, Pre-Medicine, Journalism, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, and Agricultural Business, among others.




    Each semester we participate in Intramural Sports and are consistantly ranked in the top of the upper level of campus fraternities called Division I. Division I league play consists of Flag Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, and Soccer. Intramural sports are played on Stankowski Field, which is one block from FarmHouse, and at the Recreational Complex, which is adjacent to Stankowski.




    FarmHouse rituals were founded on Christian values, which still stand true today. Prayer before every meal, and before chapter meetings is a stronghold that FarmHouse men cherish and respect. Also, our house chaplain hosts weekly Bible studies, which help the Men grow in their respective religious faiths. FarmHouse men have been actively involved in local religious organizations like Campus Crusade for Christ, the Newman Center (contemporary Catholic Center), the mission trip to Jamaica, and the mission trip to New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina Relief.



    Have further questions? Are you interested in joining FH? If so, then check out our FarmHouse FAQ page to get some answers! Or fill out our Recruitment Interest Form and get into our rush database!



    Also, feel free to contact our current Rush Chairs if you have any questions.



    Jordan Wade        636-448-7844

    Gavin Gillespie     312-307-2854