Scholarship Programs

  • There are several scholarships available for active members of FarmHouse Fraternity. Each have been established to ease the finances of college living and some have been appropriately named after FarmHouse men that made a difference in their years as an active and alumnus.
    Senior Scholarships
    Duane Howard Doane Award
    The purpose of the Doane Award is to recognize the senior member of the active chapter who has done the most for others. The Doane Award is not just another scholarship or leadership award. It is not presented in recognition of services rendered as a chapter officer. It is not just one more honor on top of a list already won. The Doane Award is intended to pay tribute to that person who has given most of himself for others.

    J.U. Morris Scholarship
    The J.U. Morris Scholarship recipient is the senior voted by the chapter as the one who best exemplifies "service" to FarmHouse, the University, and the Community.
    Junior Scholarships
    Faurot Team Builder Scholarship
    Don Faurot (1902 – 1995) is remembered for his long service to the University of Missouri, his innovations as a football coach, and his honesty and integrity. Faurot (MO 1921) served as the Tigers' football coach from 1935-56 (while missing three seasons to serve in the Navy), and retired as the University's athletic director in 1967. The Faurot Team Builder Scholarship is given to a junior who best exemplifies a "team" attitude – a man who always shows integrity and an unselfish giving of himself to benefit FarmHouse.

    Henry H. Krusekopf Scholarship
    "Krusey" or "Prof," as Henry H. Krusekopf was called by all who know him, endeared himself to Missouri FarmHouse men from the time FarmHouse originated until his death in 1979 at the age of 94. He was always interested in "the house" and loyal to FarmHouse precepts for which he was a living example. In 1971 the men of FarmHouse contributed to and established the Krusekopf memorial scholarship. The recipient of the H. H. Krusekopf Scholarship must be in their Junior year and is selected by a vote of the Chapter as being most qualified based on FarmHouse ideals and objectives.

    Brian Borgstadt Memorial Scholarship
    Brian Borgstadt was a model member and officer of FarmHouse when he died in a tragic accident in July 2002. Brian was a junior in the College of Business when he passed away. This scholarship was established in his memory to recognize an outstanding junior or senior member of FarmHouse who is currently pursuing a career in business.
    Sophomore Scholarships
    Earle F. Low Scholarship
    The Earle F. Low Scholarship is presented to a sophomore who has displayed outstanding performance in scholarship, leadership, and moral character. The recipient is selected by a vote of the FarmHouse Chapter and approved by the Association awards committee.

    Francis J. Schweitzer Sophomore Scholarship Improvement Award
    The recipient of the Francis J. Schweitzer Scholarship is a FarmHouse sophomore who during the first semester of his sophomore year achieved the greatest improvement in the grade point average from his freshman year.

    Semester Scholarships
    Every semester the Missouri FarmHouse Association board grants scholarships based on grade performance. There are various levels that can recieve 



    4.0 grade point average
    Any active or new member recieving a 4.0 grade point average will receive $800.


    3.75 grade point average

    Any active or new member recieving a GPA greater than 3.75, but less than 4.0 will recieve $400.


    3.5 grade point average

    Any active or new member recieving a GPA of 3.5-3.74 will recieve $200.


    3.25 grade point average

    Any active or new member recieving a GPA of 3.25-3.49 will recieve $100.


    Pledge Class Competition

    Each pledge class will compete for the highest average semester GPA. The winning pledge class will splitt $1000, regardless of the size of the pledge class.


    Grade Improvement Award

    Members who improve their semester GPA by at least 0.5 over the previous semester will recieve $150. Members who improve their semester GPA by at least 1.0 over the previous semseter will recieve $300. However, to be eligible for the award the member's cumulative GPA must be above a 2.3 GPA for the 2 semesters used in determining the award.