Scholarships for New Members

  • There are five scholarships by application for new members of FarmHouse Fraternity. Each scholarship will be awarded through reduction of a house bill the semester after initiation in to the Fraternity. We recommend that prospective members complete these scholarships in order to reduce the increasing tuition costs on campus.


     On top of the scholarships available through application, FarmHouse offers a variety of other academic scholarships to new members after initiation. These awards are given to those that have displayed the most initiative and effort to become members of FarmHouse. They have successfully demonstrated the attributes of a FarmHouse man: Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship.

    New member with the highest grades/New members with 4.0 Grade Point Average
    Receive a scholarship funded by the foundation and association.

    New members with above a 3.0 Grade Point Average
    Receive a scholarship funded by the foundation and association.

    Ben L. Hauenstein Scholarship
    The Ben L. Hauenstein Scholarship is presented to a Freshman who has displayed outstanding performance in scholarship, leadership, and moral character. The recipient is selected by a vote of the Active Chapter and is approved by the Association awards committee.

    Edward Riley Crouch Scholarship
    The recipient of the Edward Riley Crouch Scholarship is a FarmHouse Freshman who, as a pledge, was rated by the active chapter officers as having the highest score based on a scale of points for scholarship, activities, ambition, character, FarmHouse qualities, need, and record of achievements.


    Builder of Men Scholarship
    The recipient of the Builder of Men Scholarship goes to an outstanding FarmHouse New Member.

  • Scholarship Submission


    Our organization offers a wide variety of scholarship opportunities. Please complete the form below to apply today and gather more information on what we can offer you!